Zyta Rudzka

Zyta Rudzka (1964) is an award-winning playwright, novelist, and psychologist from Warsaw. She began her career as a poet in 1989 and debuted in 1991 with the novel White Clichés and became famous for her plays (e.g. The Sugar Bra, 2008 that were translated into Russian, Bulgarian, Italian and German and staged abroad. A masterful writer with a terse and forceful style, her novel Dr Josef’s Little Beauty has recently been revised and reissued (2021) as one of a trilogy of novels that explore old age and the final stage of life. The other two books in the trilogy are A Brief Exchange of Fire (2018, winner of the Gdynia Literary Award, shortlisted for the Nike Literary Award) and Soft Tissues (2020, winner of the City of Warsaw Literary Award).

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