Solving the Climate Crisis

Solving the Climate Crisis

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John J. Berger
Groundbreaking solutions to the climate crisis from scientists, politicians, activists, offering hope about our planet's future.

Offers practical actions grounded in technological and economic advances with an introduction by former United States senator Russ Feingold.

An inspiring call to action written by an environmental advocate, journalist, and innovator who has for decades championed renewable energy and sounded the alarm on climate change. Rather than dwell on the depressing reality of fires, forest destruction, and pollution in the news headlines, Solving the Climate Crisis is a critical resource that makes a believable and detailed case that there are things we can do with today’s technology and without presuming a dramatically different sociopolitical reality from the one in which we already live.

This book is a helpful resource that recounts the powerful and personal stories of those at the cutting-edge of the innovation needed to solve the climate crisis. From replacing the fossil-fuel system to energy efficiancy, reduction of methane emissions, and carbon mitigation, the newly invigorated, modernized, clean-energy economy will produce tens of millions of new jobs and save trillions of dollars, avoiding even more in climate damage. Protecting the climate is thus potentially the greatest economic opportunity of our time.

"Comprehensive. Everyone will find at least one thing useful in here that they can do to help."—Bill McKibben, author The End of Nature
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